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Gokido Smart Cane

Gokido Smart Cane


The world's first smart walking stick specially developed for children!

1. It charges fast with Type-C Charging Port.


2. With its special vibration surface, Gokido makes its user feel the information of where and how far the obstacles are easily. Thus, tree branches, signs, pickup trucks are no longer a problem.


3. It has keys that provide easy control.


4. Gokido will make a sound when the Head Level Obstacle Detection Sensor detects an obstacle.


5. Motion Alignment When the Obstacle Detection Sensor detects an obstacle, Gokido will vibrate and inform you about the distance of the obstacle.


6. Thanks to the Daylight Sensor/RGB, when you enter a dark environment, an LED light turns on automatically so that you are noticed by the people and drivers around you.


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    • Thanks to the interactive stories in it, it enables children to develop their decision-making mechanisms as well as their hearing senses.
      Gokido will be indispensable for children with its special content library! Thanks to the Gokido mobile application, it offers children constantly updated content and allows them to listen to new adventures.
      Gokido is a smart walking stick developed for visually impaired children to get used to the use of walking sticks at a young age. Thanks to its toy-like appearance and features, it can be easily adopted by children.​ ​
      Thanks to the distance sensors on it, Gokido scans the user's environment and warns against obstacles with the potential to crash with sound and vibration.
      It can detect obstacles up to 2.5 meters. It is light, ergonomic and durable.
      It has 4 hours of use on a full charge.
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