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Children in Playground

Gokido will soon launch campaign on kickstarter!

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The world's first smartcane specially developed for children!
  • Thanks to the interactive stories in it, it enables children to develop their decision-making mechanisms as well as their auditory senses.

  • Gokido will be indispensable for children with its special content library!

  • Thanks to the Gokido mobile application, it provides children with constantly updated content and allows them to listen to new adventures.

  • Gokido is a smart walking stick developed for visually impaired children to get used to the use of walking sticks at a young age. Thanks to its toy-like appearance and features, it can be easily adopted by children. 

  • Thanks to the distance sensors on it, Gokido scans the user's environment and warns against obstacles with the potential to crash with sound and vibration.

  • It can detect obstacles up to 2.5 meters.

  • It is lightweight, ergonomic and durable.

  • It has a usage time of 4 hours with a full charge.

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