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The World's Smartest Smart Cane Specially Developed for Visually Impaired Children!

How does it work?

Step 1

Download the Gokido mobile app and pair it with your smart cane

Send audio content within the application to the cane

Step 2

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Open the cane and continue the fun and adventure where you left off

Step 3

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what is different?


You can navigate alone by instantly differentiating obstacles with two different spot scanning sensors that control head level and walking path.

You can listen to stories and play audio games with your walking stick that is always with you.



You will find it exciting with its ergonomic design, drop and impact resistant body, and use in the rain!

Ayşe A.

"With Gokido, I can walk alone in the garden, go to the grocery store, and listen to stories at home."

"I love this cane. It tells me stories just like the phone, and if there's something in front of me, it makes a noise and vibrates."

"I became the most popular when I took it to school. Together with my friends, we listened to the life of Charlie Chaplin."

Luis R.

Mehmet E.

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